About The Company

Cascos Maquinaria (Machinery) started manufacturing lifts in Spain 50 years ago. Based in Vitoria, Northern Spain, the business is still operated by the Cascos family with the same passion and pride that the business was established upon way back in 1965.

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Apart from sourcing lifting columns from Germany, the majority of components are manufactured in-house; even hydraulic cylinders - something you will never see as you walk around the factory of other lift manufacturers.

The philosophy of Cascos is very much about tradition, and the only changes that the company and its products have been subjected to have only been instigated if it is believed to be progress, and not something to cut costs and therefore quality. For example, the principle for the electro-mechanical single and 2 post lift range is largely unchanged from the original lift all those years ago. The only changes that have been made have been evolutionary modifications to coincide with the vehicles they are being asked to work with. In addition, the temptation to outsource components to lower priced suppliers such as those in China has been avoided, in favour of maintaining the continuity of quality control and therefore long-term reliability.

In a nutshell, Cascos is unique. Nowhere else in Europe will you find a lift factory that puts the focus on quality so far ahead of the focus on price. In the UK. Cascos Lifts are distributed by Hofmann Megaplan, the UK’s premier provider of tyre changers, wheel balancers and associated equipment. With factory trained engineers, local stock and an approach to business that echoes that of the Cascos family, it is the prefect partnership.