Motorcycle Scissor Lift

The design & perfect process are evident across its manufacture!

Although bike lifts are the smallest type of lift in our roster, the design and perfect process are evident across its manufacture. Allowing for easy access to motorcycles for repair & maintenance tasks, the advanced technological features of a class 4 vehicle lift can be seen in miniature form in our bike lifts.

Cascos Bike Lift

The MCL750 represents the absolute pinnacle of bike lifts. In fact, this model is so good, it is the only motorbike lift we offer!

Cascos has been manufacturing what is widely accepted as the best lifts since 1965 (anyone who remembers the 'Honda' or 'Souriau' lift of the '80s will appreciate the quality and longevity). With a class-leading 5 year warranty, all of the usual luxury features you'd expect, and a unique drop-down front section to allow front wheel removal, this lift is simply unrivalled in terms of build quality or specification.

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