The ideal partner for anybody doing work around the wheels, such as tyres or brakes.

Our tyre service lift differs from the competition by incorporating a reassuring mechanical locking system (in addition to the standard parachute valve system). A galvanised deck for long term aesthetics, and a portable control box also set this apart from inferior alternatives. As with every other product within the Cascos range, the durability of the scissor lift is undeniable in both the design and manufacture.

Models of Scissor Lifts for sale in this range:

Model S255 Mid Rise Scissor lift

Also available in 240v Single Phase


Our scissor lifts are manufactured 100% in our premises in Spain, and provide a market leading 3000 kg payload. The scissor lift is made in such a way that you can drive on from either direction, and mount the car in either direction. The fully galvanized deck is extendable for longer wheelbase vehicles, and an acoustic descent warning adds to the luxury specification. Alongside this we also offer a portability kit and our are available in both single and 3 phase.

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Do you struggle with lift portability in your workshop?

If your answer is yes to the above, then our Scissor Lift is the right fit for you! Call our dedicated sales team on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss in more detail.