Wheel Alignment Lifts

The industry pinnacle for this category of 4 post vehicle lifting!

Who better to buy wheel alignment lifts from, than a company that specialises in wheel alignment! Hofmann Megaplan are the exclusive UK importer of Cascos lifts, and this whole relationship stemmed from the need to find an alignment lifting range that would be compatible with (and also match the quality of) the alignment machines. As such, Cascos alignment lifts are, in our opinion, the absolute pinnacle of this category. If you buy the wrong lift, it can make your whole investment in wheel alignment seem futile. With our range, you can be assured of getting the very best product dedicated for this specialist activity.

All models are supplied with front recesses and rear slip plates.

C432 - 3200kg Capacity & 4.1m Platform Length
C442 - 4000kg Capacity & 4.335m Platform Length
C445 - 4000kg Capacity & 4.8m Platform Length
C455 - 5000kg Capacity & 5.2m Platform Length
C472 - 7000kg Capacity & 6.24m Platform Length

The main features of our Wheel Alignment Lift range are:

Specifically designed for alignment
The cheapest way to produce an alignment lift is to take a flat platform lift and simply ‘build it up’. This is what many manufacturers do, and is certainly a feature of Chinese lifts. So instead of producing a platform with the recesses for the turnplates and slip plates built in, they are instead placed on top and the gaps then filled in. The downside of this is that you have an unnecessarily high lift when it is in its lowered position, and this causes problems with even the most common vehicles, let alone those with low ground clearance. The only solution is to have extra-ordinarily long run-up ramps, which are impractical and space consuming. All of the Cascos alignment lifts are designed and manufactured specifically for alignment and therefore offer the lowest minimum height, shortest run-up ramp and minimum space consumption.

Superior-strength platforms
Our platforms are reinforced by hot-rolled profiles (a bit like an RSJ). This avoids any deformation and bears the weight better, keeping the platform totally flat/straight over the lifetime of the lift.

Peace of mind security systems
Cascos use a double mechanical safety system (security ladders and safety bars) coupled with a pneumatic security system, providing far better reliability than electromagnetic devices used on budget lifts.


MODEL C432 3.2 Tns   MODEL C442 4 Tns
MODEL C445 4 Tns   MODEL C455 5 Tns
MODEL C472 6-7 Tns   MODEL C4100 12 Tns






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