Flat Platform Service Lifts

The classic Cascos 4 Post service lift is renowned for longevity and reliability!

A ubiquitous site in thousands of workshops, the classic Cascos 4 Post service lift is renowned for longevity and reliability – simply fit and forget! The extensive model range includes:

C430 – 3200kg Capacity & 4.1m Platform Length
C440 – 4000kg Capacity & 4.335m Platform Length
C443 – 4000kg Capacity & 4.8m Platform Length
C450 – 5000kg Capacity & 5.2m Platform Length
C470 – 7000kg Capacity & 6.24m Platform Length
C4100 – 12000kg Capacity & 7m Platform Length

The main features of our flat platform service lift range are:

Superior-strength platforms
Our platforms are reinforced by hot-rolled profiles (a bit like an RSJ). This avoids any deformation and bears the weight better, keeping the platform totally flat/straight over the lifetime of the lift.

Low-profile design
Our platforms have the lowest minimum height on the market; this allows our shorter ramps (minimising the overall space taken up by the lift)  to handle sports cars or lowered vehicles where the ground clearance is minimal.

Peace of mind security systems
Cascos use a double mechanical safety system (security ladders and safety bars) coupled with a pneumatic security system, providing far better reliability than electromagnetic devices used on budget lifts.

Ingenious designs
A Cascos lift is packed with clever features introduced from 50 years of experience from dedicated lift designers (as opposed to those who are simply copying / manufacturing to the lowest price), such as the ‘level indicator’ positioned under the platform. This simple device provides an instant visual check of the levelling of the platforms, helping ensure that the cylinders are working within the best conditions and ensuring longer life. In the event that the platforms were out of sync, a small indicator will break and alert the operator long before any damage can be done to the cylinders. Other ‘smart’ features include the motors which are equipped with speed control valves, manual descent valves and adjustable timers.


Model C430 3.2 Tns   MODEL C440 4 Tns
MODEL C443 4 Tns   MODEL C450 5 Tns
MODEL C470 6-7 Tns   MODEL C4100 12 Tns






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