4postliftmainThe Famous 4 Post Lift

It is arguably the 4 Post Lift range that earned Cascos the undoubted reputation for quality across the UK and throughout Europe.

Just from comparing our platforms to everything else on the market (we incorporate solid steel lintels underneath the full length of the platform for increased rigidity), and there you have evidence enough of why a Cascos 4 Post Car Lift is the best choice for anybody who values reliability and long term ownership.

The durability and high quality manufacturing and design of the four post lift is undoubtedly leading the industry, and resonates across the entire Cascos lift range. Providing our most comprehensive product offerings, the four post vehicle lifts cover every application from service lifts and wheel alignment lifts to ATL MoT lifts.

4 Post Lift Models

Incredible reliability and efficiency for many years to come!

Below you will find an overview and dimensions for the Cascos 4 Post Lift Range, for information on our unique features, please visit the Did You Know section.

Restricted with Space?

Being the biggest vehicle lift range does come with only one pitfall - if you don't have the floor space in your garage, you are unlikely going to be able to invest in our most versatile piece of garage equipment! To be certain that you can't accomodate a four post lift, please contact our knowledgeable sales team on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss your garage dimensions and requirements in more detail.


Models in this range:

Flat Platform Service Lifts

Wheel Alignment Lifts

MOT / ATL Lifts